Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mortey the Macy's Elf 2011

UPDATE...  My elf was one of the top 85 finalists to be picked, sadly it was not the winning elf.  Check out the Macy's Thanksgiving parade this fall 2011, the winning elf will be floating in it. 

Hello and thanks for stopping by...  Just a fun post from little old me!!!  Thousands of elves have been hidden in Macy's stores across the country...  I was one of the lucky ones to find and elf and give it a name - Mortey.  Mortey the Elf will be shipped to Norway for this years Christmas season.  But...before he is shipped, he might be one of the top 85 Elf's selected for a chance to win.  Be sure to stop by in the next week or so for an update.