Thursday, May 8, 2008

We Went Fishing...

The Meyer household is feeling much better! Dad took the little ones fishing and there was nothing but smiles on the Hannah & Jakes faces the whole day! They caught a total of 3 fish and boy were they excited!!!

The weather could not of been more perfect! We had the whole pond to ourselves and since its so early in the season, there were not a lot of bugs out! YEA :)

Hannah first fish, what do you think?

Jake catching his first fish. :)

Thanks to each and everyone of you, I LOVE reading your comments and email! Please stop by a little later, I have a couple of cards to share!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Giovana said...

Oh, they look so happy!!!
My little daughter dreams to go fishing too!!

Have a great day.
God bless


Viv said...

Awww it's lovely to see them out and about and well again. That's a big fish for a little girl! Well done Hannah! C'mon Jake! Can't let the girls win now, can you! LOL.
Fantastic pictures Jen.
Hugs Viv xx