Monday, June 23, 2008

I've been "Tagged"...

Just a fun post... I've been "Tagged" by 4 of my blogging friends...

Debbie Doodles

FairyBlossoms Life

Stamping A Latte


Here are 7 random things I am willing to share with ALL of you! :)

1. I still pick on my blanket?! Not really sure why but it is something I have carried over into my adult life? My 4 year old does it too, its so sweet! :)

2. I have curly hair and can not stand it! Don't tell my 4 year old though, she has it worse then me (Shirley Temple curly) :)

3. I am double-jointed in my fingers.

4. My left pupil is bigger then my right.

5. Chocolate and stamps are my weakness!!!

6. My favorite colors are pink & yellow, I bet you couldn't tell?! :)

7. Last but not least, I would LOVE to move to Maine. How horrible would it be to eat lobster every day? YUMMY!!!

Now it is my turn to tag someone... I picked my friends from "Our Creative Corner" - Lynda Benden, Amy Sheffer, Laurie Schmidlin, Dawn Easton, Cindy Haffner, Denise Marzek .

Thanks for stopping by, I will post some cards on Tuesday,


nitestamper said...

wow, jennifer, i enjoyed reading some stuff about you.
you are awesome!!!!
here is an award just for you. please visit my blog

Nancy Riley said...

These were fun facts to read about you, Jennifer! Tagged by FOUR different people? ... you're so popular!

Alexandra said...

Fun to read these Jennifer!!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Cindy Haffner said...

Can I tease you about your blankie? Too funny, what fun facts.

Julie Masse said...

Jennifer! Come to Maine!! It's fabulous!!! It's just the prettiest place ever - I'm due for lobster soon! :) It was fun reading more about you! :)