Sunday, October 12, 2008

Quick Post

Good Morning to all. Since we had gorgeous weather yesterday, we packed up the family and took a mini trip to get away from all of the craziness of every day stuff! It felt so good to get out and spend some quality time with the family! There are going to be fewer days of warm weather so we really took full advantage of it! I would have pictures to share, but silly me left the memory stick in the computer. {Note to self... keep an extra one in the car & camera case}!

I hope to share something with you today but that depends if its nice out again! I checked out the Featured Stamper challenge and its a good friend of mine from Splitcoast Anne Ryan. If you have some time, you should check out Anne's amazing gallery! I hope to play a little later...

I also would like to announce the winner for the fun Halloween pillow box. I LOVED reading all of the fun answers and you all did an amazing job at guessing, but I'm going to go with Cindy Haffner's guess. She guessed ribbon on her first try but I know a couple of you were VERY close {you know who you are... hehe} Thanks for playing and I promise to have another fun game soon! This time ladies, only one guess each! :)

Have a wonderful week & thanks for stopping by!


Cindy Haffner said...

So glad you got to get away, thanks for the win, Happy week-end to you and your family.

Christine said...

Congrats Cindy......although I bet you wish it was a diamond ring!!! LOL :)