Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Big Brother 9 Clip... Natalie is Evicted...

Well some of you know I am a HUGE Big Brother fan! I am sad to see Natalie go only because Natalie gave Shelia HOH and told Natalie she was safe! WOW... NEVER give someone HOH, you are never safe and you can ONLY count on yourself!

So who is left in the BB house, Ryan who is now HOH, Adam, Sheila and Sharon (the mole). I can't believe that Ryan voted to keep Sharon over Natalie, in my opinon, NOT a very good move! So who do I think will win/who do I want to win?... Adam would be my choice!

If you are a Big Brother fan, watch for more posts on my Blog... Since there is only 2 weeks left, I will be posting or should I say venting more clips.

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Maria Levine said...

Jennifer -

I didn't watch it yet? HAAA. I had it on DVR because I've been busy. But now at least I can fly through the show. Natalie was too annoying. The thing is they always talk about how you can't trust someone etc but it's a game! If everyone trusts everyone how boring would that be! LOLOL